Thursday, 10 August 2017

Painting Guide for 2mm Thirty Years War Figure Blocks

With some time to spare last night, I created a handout providing some information about how I go about basing and painting the Irregular Miniatures 2mm figure blocks we’ve been using for our Thirty Years War Lutzen project. Nothing very fancy, but a description of the order I’ve gone about things, some photos of work-in-progress and completed units, and a chart of the Vallejo paints I’ve been using.

Hopefully it’ll be of help to someone out there. You can find the painting guide on the web-version of this Blog, in the right hand sidebar called “Playtesting Scenarios…and Painting Guides”.  It should be right at the top.

If you think there’s anything I’ve missed, if anything’s not clear, please let me know in the comments or by email.

Two blog posts in two days. Just like buses, as they say….



  1. Most interesting indeed. What rules will you use?

    1. Hi Alan - we're in the process of play-testing our own set of rules for the battles of the period, designed for use primarily with 2mm and 6mm figures. More details are set out in the earlier blog-posts here on the Blog, from November 2016.

  2. Great couple of posts Sydney, loving the 2mm lovelines. Downloaded your PDF for future reference, thanks.
    Best regards

  3. Ahah , duly nicked.. good to see you have been busy

  4. I have immensely enjoyed your 2mm posts and stil am; actually, even though I have never been particularly interested in renaissance warfare, I predict a small order for Irregular Miniatures materializing sometime this week. Your work truly is very inspiring! And if I may be so bold: in one of your earlier posts you promised more on the making of the terrain boards for Lützen. I am really looking forward to that one too! :-) Anyway, thanks ever so much for these blog posts!

    1. Hi Emjenic, and thanks so much for commenting. I'm really pleased that you've enjoyed the 2mm posts. Opening up the possibilities of 2mm as a practicable scale for recreating some of the huge, critical battles of the Renaissance is very much one of the objectives of this series of posts. It's been great to hear that other players have been thinking through doing the same as me - recreating battles not just of the Thirty Years War, but of the English Civil War, the French Wars of Religion and also Marlburian period using 2mm forces.

      I'm sorry that I have not got around to terrain making in 2mm. I shall certainly be doing this, hopefully over the next month or so. Thanks so much for being patient!

  5. I painted 2mm FPW many years ago, they looked good but your extra touch would clearly improve it.

    The beauty of 2mm is that when mounted on bases for large battles up to about 1914 unit formations can be clearly displayed.

    Thanks for posting.


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